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Network Security and Compliance

What is the importance of network security and compliance?

Network security is of high importance through out the daily work, and home use. Network security keeps your computer safe from unwanted users on your network, or computer. This security can be kept by both physical and logical security rules set in place. These rules are determined by the organization or the user depending on how secure you want to be.

Protect Yourself

A single attack can bring down an entire computer system and compromise personal or sensitive information.

Types of Cyber Attacks

This type of security issue is a single word used for multiple types of issues as it is any type of file or code that infects , explores, steals or does anything the attacker wants

This type of attack comes through your emails pretending to be another company or person to try and obtain personal information. There are other variants of this.

A man in the middle attack involves the attacker receiving your data and changing it to pretend to be you, or to simply see what infromation is being sent out

This an attack that is meant to shut down a machine or network making it inaccessible to the users

Is an attack that is a common attack that uses malicious code for backend database manipulation 

This is an exploit in a system that has not been found yet that is being attacked 

This attack consist of any method in which to authenticate the password for a specific account

Is when attackers put malicious script into a webpage or contact form that executes the malicious script without any user interference

Rootkits affect a collection of computer software this software is typically malicious it is designed to allow access to the computer or an area that is not otherwise allowed access

This attack uses multiple appliances or other things connected to the internet to allow for unauthorized access to the network


What is PCI Compliance

PCI DSS is a set of regulations created by major payment card brands, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB. This scheme requires organizations to comply with 12 general data security requirements that every merchant needs to follow.

Do I need to be PCI compliant

In general, PCI compliance is required by credit card companies to make online transactions secure and protect them against identity theft. Any merchant that wants to process, store or transmit credit card data is required to be PCI compliant.

What if I’m Not PCI Compliant?

Being out of compliance can lead to serious security incidents so to avoid the risk of data breaches that could highly damage your company brand. You may also face penalties, such as monthly fines that you will need to pay until you address the issue.




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