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Network Scanning and Auditing

What is a network scan and audit, do you need one?

These scans help detect how hackers could get into your network and take your information. We do this by collecting the data we can see and then finding the spots that are weakest in your network. The data is then used to make changes and mitigate the risk of the attacks. Every system will always have a risk have a risk of an attack. No system can ever be one-hundred percent secure. However, through network scans we can make adjustments to decrease that risk even more.



How Does It Work?

1. Identify the Vulnerabilities

Identifying the vulnerabilities involves detecting the weaknesses in the specific area of your network. It could be on your web applications, hosts, or servers. We focus on that angle to get a clear view of what the problem is.

2. Examine the Threats

We examine the threats to understand what they are and how they function. What degree of damage do they pose? What are the best ways to resolve them?

3. Fix the Weaknesses

Having examined the threats and understood what they are all about, you will be well enough informed to know the appropriate cybersecurity measures to implement.

The most effective cybersecurity measures are specific to a particular cyber threat, instead of being generalized.

4. Generate Reports Based on Your Findings

In the final phase, we interpret the analysis to help you identify opportunities that’ll improve your cybersecurity infrastructure We then provide you with well written reports about our findings.


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