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Network Design and Planning

We Design and Plan your Network

We can design and plan your network to work best for you and allow for the optimal performance for your devices

10 Important Questions

1. The Number of Users and the Types of Equipment

How many network users, printers and servers will the network support?

2. Types of Growth Expected

Will the company be adding new users to an existing office? Is the business planning a remote office?

3. Current Internet Connectivity

How does the business connect to the Internet? Does the ISP or the company own the equipment? 

4. Application Requirements

What applications does the network need to operate?

5. Existing Network Infrastructure and Layout

How many devices are currently on the network? How are they physically laid out? Is cabling running all over the floor, hidden in walls or threaded through the ceiling?

6. New Services Required

What new services will be required now or in the future?

7. Security and Privacy

Does your company currently have a firewall in place?

8. Wireless Requirements

How big is the area that your wireless network must cover?

9. Reliability and Uptime Considerations

What is the real cost of downtime to the company? How much downtime can the business tolerate before incurring financial losses?

10.Budget Constraints

What is the budget for the network upgrade?

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We are a family run company that runs multiple services such as a parts store, auto repair, and IT services

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